Tarık Ediz, a luxury boutique selling daily wear in Bursa in the late 80’s, offered its customers the most exclusive dresses meticulously prepared in his atelier.

In the year of her daughters’ graduation, she asked her father to have her prom gown, which she designed herself, sewn in the atelier of their boutique. Her prom gown which she designed for herself with great care and excitement was immediately sewn at their atelier, but there was still a long time before the prom party. Tarık Ediz, thought that his daughter would damage the spectacular dress by enthusiastically trying it on and off at home, hung the dress on a hanger in the boutique and decided to keep it there until her prom party.

The customers of the boutique liked the dress so much, they wanted to buy the dress and started to order. In a very short time period, there were so much orders for the beautiful dress, Tarık Ediz asked his daughter to design a few different gown models and took the first steps into the most glamours world of evening dresses and gowns. The journey that started in a luxury boutique in Bursa with a few models of gowns and evening dresses turned into an elite brand that designs hundreds of different models and selling them all over the world.

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