With sustainability a key component of our business, Tarik Ediz's mission is to invest in and support initiatives that will protect the world. We are committed to these positive changes by using innovative and ecologically sustainable materials. For example, our luxurious bag collection is made exclusively from ecologically processed pineapple leaves – the closest natural alternative to animal leather – while its production methods have significant economic and social advantages.


Protecting nature and our environment is one of our most significant initiatives; that is why we believe in reusing materials that are less harmful to our environment. At Tarik Ediz we use recycled and regenerated materials such as nylon thread, vegan leathers, and biodegradable PU. We also use hemp linings, a yeast growing plant that does not require pesticides and uses less water than cotton to produce. Even our tags are of recycled paper. Our gowns are all made in Turkey with the same strict quality standards, traditional methods and careful craftsmanship that we are known for. We hope that you will enjoy our designs with the same passion we feel creating them.


At Tarik Ediz, we want everyone involved in our production process to have a safe, fair and equal working environment. And, for a more equitable future-fit world, our goal is to ensure that all suppliers respect and comply with our values dedicated to sustainable and ethical fashion.


Tarik Ediz aims to create the lowest environmental impact by offering responsible, sustainable, and ecological solutions in all of our products. Within our highly fashionable selection of accessories, we use only resources that are not harmful to our world. We care for our natural World.


Embracing diversity through our collections has always been a primary goal. We want you to be comfortable with yourself and make you feel good! That's why we support and collaborate with organizations and initiatives worldwide that advocate the concepts we support, such as gender equality, women's rights and body affirmation. (No matter how you may feel, you can always be part of our Tarık Ediz family)


Want to bring a dog to the office; great idea! At Tarik Ediz, we believe that bringing a dog to work is seen as an incredible advantage; it will not only attract new employees but keep those who are already there. In addition, it is a fact that dogs can reduce stress, providing a sense of comfort and social support in the workplace. At Tarik Ediz, we open our doors to your pets.

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